Bone Cutter is comprised of members of my previous band, HHLL. We are set to release our first EP 4/23/21.

Downstaaiirs 2011-2014

We started Downstaaiirs in Campbell, CA, but soon all found ourselves in Santa Cruz, CA where I think we finally found a sort of musical identity and where we all became better friends. We called the genre Beach Dungeon, obviously just a version of slocore, but I am proud of what we made. We only played a handful of shows.

I WANNA DIE 2014-2017

We played mostly Bay Area punk shows. We went through 3 drummers. We had fun.

Heavy Heavy Low Low 2005-2012

I graduated High School late and moved to San Jose with Matthew and it never stopped from there.  Toured the world with bands I grew up listening to. We never stopped travelling, always in motion. I am still trying to cope with staying still.

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