Another no-budget video done for NYC's THIN. They sent me live footage of them playing in front of a green screen and I created the content for the background and overlay.

No-budget video I did for THIN from NYC. I filmed this in my backyard with Dale. I used a flood light w red gels, a smoke machine, built the wooden structures with some discarded wood and shot it on my phone. Really dig how it came out.

BUTTONS won the 2021 WAFL Film Festival. The film had to be 90 seconds, filmed on a single phone and include both a button and a high heel. (That's my mother in the pit)

A music video I directed, edited, and starred in. Cost $20 and some favors from friends/collaborators. 

This was really fun. Based on a loosely recounted dream about a portal in someone's basement. We threw it together and filmed it at Joe's during quarantine. Done for $20, shot in a day and edited in a week.

Trailer for our Stephen King Dollar Baby project. My first short with a budget and an actual crew! I am so proud of this short, but per the contract with SK, I cannot post a public link to the film! If you do reviews or run a film festival, please contact me and I'll send a private link.

A music video I created for Downstaaiirs.

“The songs, Excavate’ and ‘Din’ attempt to reconstruct early childhood memories of Santa Fe, NM, to give context to the pain and confusion of losing an estranged father,” Thin tell Decibel. “Music video creator Robbie Smith amplifies the sonic chaos and emotional turmoil of the tracks with unsettling, cinematic visuals, producing a cathartic, multi-sensory assault on the audience.” A music video I created for THIN from NY out of stock footage.

We made this for the third year of the Unnamed Footage Festival. Oskar filmed it on his iPhone.

We had just finished editing The Dog Barks and I felt stagnant. I needed to make something. We went to Home Depot and bought a bunch of plastic sheeting and made our kitchen into a sort of death arena. This was originally intended to be a video for my old band, I Wanna Die, but as most of those songs barely breach the minute mark, we decided to do a sort of noise track to the short. I shot it, probably the most action I've attempted to shoot. Albert and Joe do a fantastic job as the combatants/lovers.

Joe shot this one. Stacie did costume work and a bulk of the behind the scenes planning. This does not at all resemble what I had wrote before we had headed out into the woods of Santa Cruz to make this one, but I am nonetheless proud of what we made. Sam Pura helped us record sound and thank god for that. Brennan and Roo did the score. I love that damn score and I'd like to put it out someday.

I filmed SNAKE BITE on my old iPhone in my bathroom. I did the makeup and that is me acting. SNAKE BITE was an Official Selection of UNNAMED FOOTAGE FESTIVAL 2019 and won the Audience Choice Award.

2 GHOULS is an Official Selection of Unnamed Footage Festival 2018. My first attempt at the Found Footage genre!

My first short film. Originally a contest entry for the ABCs of Death 2. I could not have done this one without Stacie Willoughby. Santa Cruz was the perfect place to shoot this idea and thank goodness people liked us and wanted to help. 

Huge thanks to Tim Murphy for gifting me his Sony DVX and helping me realize I could make stuff on my own.

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